Sunday, December 5, 2010

still chillin in Asuncion

November 24, 2010
No turkey here for Thanksgiving, but I did have a nice lobster, grilled over an open fire in the campground.  Been getting lots of sun, locals must think I'm crazy sitting in my lounge chairs all day. Gets nippy at night (low 50's) but warms up nicely to low 70's. Taken lots of rides up and down the coast, running high speed on  deserted beaches, what a fantasy, it's almost as good as the golf course dream (but these tracks repair at high tide). Biggest problem is the local dogs, they love to chase my bike, sometimes whole packs of them. They are damn smart too, because they always attack from the right side, apparently they know I can't hit them with my throttle hand. I'm thinking of designing some sort of remote deployed pepper gas canister. Looked at real estate here. Amazing bargains price-wise, but there are some hoops to jump thru.

no one around for miles

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