Sunday, December 5, 2010

on to San Diego

October 2010
Spending lots of time with two of my kids in Ocean Beach. Mostly stealth camping on the city streets, never got hassled by cops. Stocking up the RV with basics, lots of new fishing gear and some specialty items. I take a few trips out to Borrego Springs to test the RV and motorcycle for the high level of preparedness needed in Baja. Some heavy rains and flash floods, intermixed with nice sunny riding days. Almost got the rig stuck in the flooding while boon-docking, but the riding the next day was superb. After the rains subsided, rode the bike out to Font's Point, the normal dirt rode was totally washed away, and the 50 yard wide arroyo was now the trail. Not a single tire track anywhere, this was akin to skiing fresh virgin powder. On the way out of Borrego, I encountered a section of highway at the Salton Sea that had sustained recent earthquake damage, the RV actually got airborne a bit and my bike launched out of it's rack and got drug down the road. This mishap tore up the rear tire, but I was real lucky, this could have been catastrophic. Lesson learned, one extra tie down needed.

Peg Leg campground totally flooded

Font's Point trail


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