Sunday, December 5, 2010

onto Bahia Asuncion

November 21, 2010
Even days after the race now, at least 50% of the northbound traffic on hwy 1 was Baja1000 vehicles and support teams returning from La Paz. Super wide trailers and extended mirrors. I touched mirrors with one at 55 mph, hope his got damaged at least as bad as mine. So after all the scary Mexican semi's passing by, it's a gringo that clips me!
Turned west at Vizcaino, on towards Asuncion.
This little fishing village on the west coast, supposedly now had a brand new paved road all the way into town.Well, only sort of true, I could see it, but it wasn't opened yet. Rough pot-holed hiway and 30 miles of awful dirt road. The RV doesn't do well in wash board. Then some deep sandy sections, I was so worried about getting the rig stuck, but just like with a motorcycle, when in doubt, gas it...........I was a nervous wreck, but I made it. Love this little town, gringos are more integrated here than other Mexican resorts I've been to, no separate gringo enclaves. I find this place so chill and enchanting, I end up staying 12 days! I camp at Juan and Sheri's for $90 a week, hot showers, flush toilets and wifi. Took a panga out deep sea fishing with Juan, caught a bunch of yellowtail, Calico bass, bonita and barracuda.

27 lb yellow tail

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