Sunday, December 5, 2010

Crossed into Mexico at Tijuana

November 16, 2010
Thru the border in relatively uneventful fashion, showed my pre-bought FMT  and they stamped my passport. Going thru Ensenada was pretty lively with all the racers cruising the streets uncorked and in full race gear. Then there was a 30 mile stretch of the highway that had multiple road construction projects taking place. Lots of delays and waiting, and this is the main highway for the whole state, they sure do things differently down here.

Now passing through Catavina boulder field, some of the most dramatic and curious desert scenery imaginable. Awesome trees and cactus everywhere, very prehistoric looking flora. Passing thru this area after a grueling 12 hours of white knuckle driving.

I spend my first night in Mexico at Rancho Santa Inez, just past Catavina. I sleep well.

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