Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bahia de Los Angeles on the Sea of Cortez

November 17 >>>> 20, 2010
Ended up staying here for 4 days, at Daggets campground just north of BoLA. Got good sun and some fishing, windy at times. But the high-lite here was the Baja1000 passing thru town. First two motorcycles came thru at about 1:30pm, then the next bikes didn't show up for another hour. BoLA is at mile 380 of the race course, and these two guys had a huge lead already. I watched all the bikes come in on a dirt section just south of town
not one of leaders I mention, but good shot

relaxing on the Sea of Cortez

Then towards the evening, I was cruising around on my bike, waiting for the trophy trucks to start showing up. I met up with some guys from Team Mango Racing, they invited me into their pits for refreshments, really nice folks. When they found out I kind of knew what was what, they asked if I'd help out when their trucks came through. They had a trophy truck and a Pro truck running. About 10pm, after many hours of waiting, now we get a burst of excitement, trophy truck arrives and gets tires and fuel. All that travel, waiting and expense for just ten minutes of necessity. And that process was repeated at about ten different pit stops per team.

Team Mango trophy truck

These million dollar vehicles have absolutely incredible lighting systems. Through out the race, I was riding around on my bike and was assumed by many to be a racer. Locals cheered me on and cops tried to direct me into the official SCORE pits.

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