Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Still chillin' in Loreto

Dec 26 to Jan 4 2011
Having a good time just getting to know this town. My RV park is about 6 blocks from town center, so lots of restaurants and stores to check out. I'm finding some really tasty (and cheap) sidewalk eating. Discovered a gringo watering hole called Augies's, it has satellite TV (thusly American football) and a fine happy hour with free food.
Loreto harbor, on the Malecon near Augie's

Tried to go for a motorcycle ride and the bike wouldn't start. Not enough power getting to the starter system.  Charged up the battery, still no go. Had the whole thing torn apart looking for wiring problems or bad electricals. Finally figured out it was just a weak battery that wasn't accepting a full charge. So much for being an electronics genius. Now the real problem, finding a specialized battery in this town. Found a place that would order one, but they couldn't guarantee it would be correct kind (part numbers didn't translate well). Walked back to the store three days in a row, hadn't come in yet (maybe tomorrow they say, again).

RV park where I've been for most of the past few weeks

Really getting to know this town. No supermarkets, just lots of small family run stores. No central suppliers, so every little food store has different items. Usually have to hit 2 or 3 stores to end up with a choice of good veggies and fruits. But it is fun, kind of feel like a hunter-gatherer thing. Been looking for tarter sauce and good coffee for weeks. Twenty different kinds of hot sauces, but no tarter sauce anywhere (still have lots of frozen yellowtail I need to eat). Finally found both at a "delicatessen" that caters to American tastes. They also had Bob's Bigboy blue cheese dressing, what a find.
favorite local store

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