Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Re-adjusting to Loreto

Jan 14 to Jan 18 2011
Enjoying my first day back in Loreto. Laid in the 80 degree sun most of the day. And I got my motorcycle put back together and functional. Took a ride for the first time in weeks, out along a deserted dirt road along the coast north of town.

Made a major decision, I went ahead and paid for a full month here in this nice RV park. Really good discount if you do a month at a time. Three hundred dollars for a month, that's almost as cheap as most of the rough-it  beach camp areas, yet full hookups, wifi, laundry and hot showers. It may sound like an easy choice, but it kind of goes against my philosophy of wanting to stay fluid and spontaneous. But what the heck, I like it here. And it avoids driving, gas fill ups have been my major expense. Come mid February, I plan to head to the west coast for whale watching.

Got an invite to go fishing! Had to set an alarm clock (only the second time in 3 months). Wonderful day out fishing, people around us hooking up yellowtail like crazy, but we got skunked. Spent the last half of the day site seeing out on the boat. Really great looking deserted beaches and coves, sea lion colony, clear tropical looking waters, all with an exquisite pastel hued mountain back drop. Gorgeous day. 

fishing on south side of Coronado Island, about 8 miles off Loreto

sea lion colony

north side of Coronado

deserted sandy cove, below an ancient volcano, can hike to top

except for the mountain back drop, this scene could be from the South Pacific

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