Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seattle journey

Jan 5 to Jan 13 2011
Won't go into too many details, but had a good time seeing all the relatives and we gave grandpa a good send off. He was a truly wonderful man. My whole family was there, nice visiting and seeing everyone. Spent the week lending support and helping organize the estate. Did some shopping, bought my motorcycle battery, a special wifi antenna and a small Costco run for specialties. Then back to Loreto via LAX. Left Seattle with two inches of snow, arrived Loreto at 80 degrees...............
Horizon turbo prop into Loreto, Bombardier Q400

I brought back a whole extra suitcase with my new supplies. I checked the suitcase as luggage, hoping the battery would make it thru security (because I knew it wouldn't go thru carry-on). The TSA regulations are a bit iffy regarding such things. Everything arrived in Loreto safely, but Mexican customs confiscated my Oberto pepperoni meat sticks, at least my battery and the other items made it ok.

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