Tuesday, January 4, 2011

return to Loreto

Dec 22 - 25
Decided to head back to Loreto, weather not as good anymore and getting bug bites somehow. While driving through town, every traffic light, stop sign and tope had police walking up to cars asking for "donations". Kind of weird, but not in an intimidating way. I later found out the city hadn't paid them for 3 months now, and they were hoping to salvage a Christmas season for their families. Back at my favorite RV park and taking walks all around town, almost everyday. The church and main plaza are about 7 blocks away. Lots to see and do, and getting some exercise.
Christmas eve a bunch of us went out to a fine lobster dinner. Then strolled down to the central plaza, trying to walk off the Margaritas and lobster. Accidentally wandered into a huge party, lots of people there, a live nativity scene, toy raffle, dancing and Santa Claus. Lots of free food getting ready to be served, am told it was sponsored by the mayor (now we know why the cops aren't getting paid). When things wind down about midnight, then it's off to Mass. These folks know how to party.

Loreto church
Main tourist area. About 500 yards of cobblestone walkway through here, with ficus trees forming  overhead arches all the way down the Avenue

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