Tuesday, January 4, 2011

back on the beach

Dec 18 - Dec22
Had gotten resupplied in Loreto, headed back to the nice beach at Santispac. At the military checkpoint just above Loreto, I got pretty thoroughly searched. All checkpoints I have been through were southbound, until now. They take the northbound traffic much more seriously. On the beach again, lots of people coming and going. Two bicyclists came in late one night. Next morning I talked to them, they were from Portland. I asked them how for they had been riding, from Portland. Asked them how far they were going, the answer was  "Patagonia". Quite the journey. Sometimes I think I have a little adventure going, then see what these guys were doing......... Well, I guess it's all relative. And then some Mexican hippies showed up. Two couples and a young kid, roughing it on the beach. Real Rainbow Family material, tie-dye clothes, kite flying and even a drum circle that evening.
Bought another kilo of shrimp, 180P, good stuff, never get tired of eating shrimp. Starting to notice I'm getting bit a lot. Fleas or no see-ums? Don't know, but it's getting bothersome.
Went clamming one evening at low tide, fun walking around in waist deep water digging holes everywhere, but no clams encountered.

another spectacular sunrise

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