Tuesday, January 4, 2011

in Loreto

Dec 14-18
Drove down into major regional city of Loreto (airport and everything). Short, pleasant and beautiful 2 hour journey. Spent two days at a weird RV park, caught up on email/news. Then moved to a different park, Riviera del Mar. Much nicer and cheaper. Restaurant onsite, full hookups, laundry and wifi. Rode my bike down Hwy 1 for about 12 miles, all the way to Nopolo. Humm, missed the turn off I was looking for. Back tracked a few miles and found it. Passing Mexican semi's head on at 55 mph on my little dirt bike is kind of scary. Turned off to go west towards my destination, San Javier mission. It was an all day ride, about 70 miles total, about 1/3 of it dirt road (trail). Beautiful oasis type place, cool mission made out of quarried rock (started in 1699)  and I was the only gringo in town. Also came across some ancient cave paintings down in the river bed. Beautiful spot where you could easily imagine an old band of Indians hanging out here, chillin and trying to do something creative.
coming into San Javier oasis

San Javier mission
site of ancient pictographs

friendly fellow
On the ride back I saw my first snake of the trip. Don't know the specie here, but it seemed friendly enough. Played with it awhile, then carried it a safe distance off the road and sent it on it's merry way.

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