Friday, December 17, 2010

moving on

Dec 3 through Dec 6
Good drive back to Vizcaino, stayed one night in a park there, pretty uneventful, found a grocery and ATM.
Next day drive to San Ignacio, quaint little old style Mexican village with a famous old mission. Stayed at a place called "Rice and Beams", restaurant, hotel and RV park. Stayed there a couple nights, the owner was really nice to me, bought me drinks and even a meal. This place is a legendary stop for the Baja 1000. The whole bar is filled with autographed pictures, posters and jerseys from the years past. San Ignacio is an actual oasis, lots of date palms and water.
San Ignacio mission

San Ignacio oasis

Left and went on to Santa Rosalia, back on the Sea of Cortez again. But once again I find this town kind of disappointing. Supposedly a great French bakery in town, couldn't find it. And was hoping to stock up on groceries for some isolated beach  camping, but never found a good store either. Roads too narrow to bring the RV, had to walk everywhere. So with minimal supplies, I head down the coast.

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