Friday, March 18, 2011

Los Barriles now

March 12 -- 18, 2011
I've decided to leave Tecolote, can't believe I've been here a whole month. Decide to take one last ride around the western point. While riding on a rough dirt rode to a remote fishing camp, a couple mean dogs started chasing me, it was a tough section of road and it took me awhile to out run them. I sure wish I was wearing my boots. So I decide I'll out smart them and ride back to camp via different paths. I end up breaking my own trail for miles, through deep silty sand, rock strewn beaches and some awful downhills. End up with torn up sneakers, an overheated bike, thirst and hunger; but had a magnificent sunset. Got back to camp well after dark and totally exhausted.
Be leaving tomorrow morning, it will be a Saturday, the beach will be swarming with Mexican families from La Paz, with their competing stereos, dogs, quads and beach games. That's ok too, it but kind of blows the laid back relaxation mode I cherish. Moving south to Los Barriles/Cabo Pulmo area.
mid way through a rough ride, looking towards Tecolote
Arrive in Los Barriles after a fairly good 2.5 hours of driving. Cute little town, but with much more of a modern/gringo feel. More of a resort mode, a few nice hotels and lots of million dollar beach houses. So much different than my past four weeks on an isolated beach. Checked into Verdugo's RV park; full hookups, internet, hot showers and even a pool. This area is famous for kite/wind surfing and big-time fishing. The wind surfers are pretty much leaving right now, though I did get to see them indulge in one last windy day. Forgot how awesome it is to watch those kite surfers. It's kind of a shoulder season now. As the winds die down and the water starts warming up, the big game fish start moving in, and thusly lots of fishermen show up.

The beach here faces directly east, so every morning there is a group of us that walk thru camp in the twilight to the beachfront deck, sit and drink coffee while watching the sunrise. It's nothing but us old geezers, it's kind of like we are all celebrating the fact that we made it through another night, and safely awoke to another new dawn.
sunrise patrol at Verdugo's
It is definitely warmer here, it's been 81-91 degrees for the last 5 days. And a gorgeous pool, beach and outside bar. Getting lots of sun.
getting pretty tan by now
Went for a drive north of town, pavement up to El Cardonal, then drove south on the dirt/beach road. Almost need a 4x4. Found a really great looking snorkeling spot, but didn't have my gear, next time.........
neat snorkeling spot between Los Barriles and Punta Pescadero
I like this area so much, I pay for a whole week, 1380P ($135). As well as the morning coffee bunch, there is a late afternoon gathering also, at the outside bar over looking the beach. These people sit and drink, watching for whales (I've seen them two different times now), jumping/flying stingrays and the returning charter fishing boats. Most of them have binoculars, and these guys would say what kind of fish each boat had caught that day. It took me awhile to understand, but the boats utilize a flag system. A certain color/emblem flag(s) are displayed on their antennas or outriggers, designating what kind of fish they got. The flag system even can tell you whether they boated a marlin or did a catch and release of a marlin. The returning fishing boats kind of cruise by the hotels and resorts showing colors to advertise their prowess (or brag) about how well they did. So today (Friday) there were a bunch of hooting and hollerin as a boat passed by, apparently the first Dorado flag of the season was flying by. Quite a celebration ensued.
general fish flags

Looked at some Real Estate today. Possibly just a lot for my RV, or maybe a modest house. Just checking the market. There are a lot of $600K to $3million houses on the beach or hillside views of the water, they are not selling at all. Humm, maybe there is a recession going on in the States? Maybe I can find a bargain somehow though. Re-stocked my shrimp supply, a kilo for 180P, from a roadside vendor, good stuff, bought 2 kilos.

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