Thursday, February 3, 2011

Loreto update

Jan 28 to Feb 3 2011
Went on another hike yesterday, up through a sand washed, palm lined canyon oasis. About 4 miles round trip, not much elevation gain; but it is kind of tough walking through the pebble-sand mixture. We had the usual campground hiking club members (two of us), plus a couple new folks with us.  Saw live/wandering cattle, goats and donkeys; and a couple dead cows (not sure how they met their demise, kind of weird actually).
the view up and across Primer Agua canyon

stream bed of the oasis

upper end of the canyon, our turn-around point

Some other thoughts:
I think it is going to be a noisy weekend. Saturday is Constitution Day, a national holiday. Superbowl Sunday is this weekend, it also happens to be the day of their national election. Yep, polls are on Sundays here. I've been told that no Mexicans can buy alcohol this Sunday (election), so believe me, they are all planning ahead. Gringos can buy okay; but in all the restaurants/bars, they will be limited to just four drinks apiece.

I was in a book store the other day and was able to ID the snake I showed in my Dec14-18 report.  It is a San Lucan Gopher snake (no wonder I didn't know what it was, only lives in a small area of Baja).

My RV's humming bird feeder has been getting lots of use. And not just by humming birds. The new visitors, well to be honest, I'm not familiar with them. Beautiful bright yellow/black feathers, I am told they are orioles.

the view thru my slightly dirty window

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